Many neighbors purchase our beef right here at the farm, stop to take pictures, visit with the animals and tell us about the joy they experience when they look on our landscape.  We are all about helping to protect this beautiful and productive landcape to sustain a healthy network of life for generations. healthy network of life for generations.

By moving the herds to fresh pasture every week or more, the land is stimulated to grow densely.  This technique uses fewer fossil fuels than grain-based confinement farms and creates less concentrated manure toxins that can pollute soil and water.  

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Grass-fed animals are reared the way nature intended. They are healthier and happier, so you are healthier and happier.


Cows are meant to forage for their meals, so our herd feeds on lush grass in our valley and hillside pastures during the warm months and good hay during the cold months.  Healthy and robust, few ever require antibiotics, and grow just fine without hormones. Room to roam and constant, access to good grass and herbs, respectful treatment and careful breeding all give our beef its exceptional flavor.



Bioactive farming, nurturing the soil and offering pastorage fields creates a rich habitat for wildlife. We see mice, hawks, owls, fox, garter snakes, frogs, swallows, skunk, deer, moose, bear and many more kinds of wild animals on our land.

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